Wade M. German, Esq. is a certified mediator who mediates disputes at a fraction of the costs generally required through dispute resolution in litigation.  Mr. German received his mediation certification from and training in divorce and family mediation at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.  

The purpose of divorce mediation is to help couples directly negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement without court intervention.  The couple controls the process and is vested with the power to reach an agreement acceptable to each.  The mediator serves as the couple's third party neutral who facilitates the discussion and assists the couple in reaching an amicable legal separation.  Marital property, spousal and child support, the parenting plan,  and more are all agreed upon in mediation. 

Mr. German will draft a couple's separation agreement and complete all court filings necessary to finalize the divorce. 


Wade M. German, Esq. is specially trained in Collaborative Divorce.  Collaborative Divorce is founded on the premise that the litigious divorce - that in which attorneys for the respective parties fight their adversary through the court process - is often not the best method to dissolve a marriage and frequently causes emotional trauma for the divorcing couple and their children (when applicable).  Under Collaborative Divorce, a couple agrees to resolve their matrimonial issues amicably, rather than combatively, by discussing the marital issues openly with each other, their respective lawyers, and when applicable a mental health coach, financial adviser, or child specialist.  Working with their Collaborative Divorce team, the couple agrees to terms regarding the legal separation, parenting plan, spousal and child support, and distribution of property without appearing in court and, therefore, avoiding the stress, heartache, and notably expense often inveterate to the litigated divorce.  

As part of a Collaborative law team, Mr. German works non-exclusively with Patti Kaleck German, M.Ed., LMFT, a highly skilled and experienced marriage and family therapist (see, and Dr. Shanna T. Bean, a highly trained clinical psychologist, whose writings on psychology have been published in multiple trade publications and who specializes in child and adolescent therapy (see

Mr. German was in the Matrimonial Part of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County, in the Chambers of Justice Matthew Cooper as a judicial intern.  He was a summer associate in the matrimonial department of DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Wise, and Wiederkehr, LLP and a judicial intern in the Chambers of Judge Kathie E. Davidson, Supervising Judge of the Ninth Judicial District Family Court.